Shed Hunting Tips

It's getting to be that time of year again!  Who is with me and ready to find some bone out in the field?  The antlers are dropping here in Wisconsin, and I want to be the first out there looking for them.  It seems as though some people have better luck than others in finding sheds.  Here are a few pointers.

Find Bedding Areas- Bucks spend a lot of time in their bedding area.  Chances are pretty good he will shed there.  The best slopes for beds are the south-facing slopes.  They soak up the most sun.  And they will be the first to melt all the snow.  Hit them up as soon as the snow melts(if not before) to get them before the critter do!

Food Sources- Another place a buck will spend a lot of time is in his food source.  Food plots or standing corn or beans are great areas to check out.  Many antlers have been found where the deer feast.

Jumps- Check out areas that a buck must jump to cross.  When an antler is loose, sometimes that little bump will be enough to do the trick.  Areas to look are fences, creeks, and rugged areas.

Glass- A great pair of binoculars are a must when shed hunting.  They allow you to cover more ground.  And the more ground you cover, the better chances of finding some bone.  And on the reverse side, they may also help you find out that the what you thought was an antler from 100 yards away is actually a stick.  How many times has that happened?  This will help you save time and keep covering more ground.

Be patient- Don't go in the woods expecting to find a huge set of sheds, tine up.  They are rarely easy to find.  Be patient and take your time.  Walk slow, look around, and don't rush through.  If you are patient and are looking thoroughly, you will find them!

Sometimes you get lucky and find a whole skull like I did!  It can definitely be bittersweet to find a skull, but just happy that I found it and get to enjoy it.  Sure would have rather seen him on hoof, but that is how it goes.  Good luck to you shed hunters!

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