6 Archery Tips

archery tips

No matter if you are hunting or shooting your bow for fun, here are a few tips to help make your life easier when shooting a bow and arrow.  Ever walk into an archery range and feel just a little intimidated?  Remember these few simple tips to help to improve your confidence and make you feel like a pro.  Or at least you look like one. :)
  1.  Anchor Points.  Consciously think about your anchor points. You must consistantly rest your bow in the same position, each and every time you draw back.  One easy way to do this is to put the tip of your nose on the string and angle it down across the side of your face. (touching your lips)  This may feel a little awkward, but the only way to get results is to be consistent.
  2. Nock your Arrow.  When nocking your arrow, listen for a click as you push the arrow onto the bowstring.  This means the arrow is locked into position and ready to fly.
  3. Relax your bow hand.  Once drawn, keep your bowhand relaxed and resting between your thumb and index finger.  All you need to do is gently push forward.  There is no need to grip it, it isn't going anywhere.  
  4. Keep your finger off of the trigger.  Until of course you are ready to shoot.  There are just so many things to be aware of that if your finger is on the trigger, an early release may accidentally happen.  Only move your index finger to your trigger one you have everything else lined up and you are ready to shoot.
  5. Remember, your sight is adjustable.  Don't worry if you aren't shooting bullseyes right away.  What you really want to worry about is grouping.  Grouping and being consistent is what is important.  The sight can be moved to put that group wherever you want. 
  6. Raise, aim, shoot.  Take your time and make a good shoot.  But if you don't make a good shot, think about why.  What did you do wrong?  Did you punch the trigger?  Grip the bow?  Inconsistent anchor points?  Remember, everyone makes mistakes.  What makes it worth it is learning from them.  Every archer was once a beginner no matter how good they are now. 

Have fun and enjoy yourself.  Archery is a great stress reliever!BustedArrow.com

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