Elk Reintroduction in Wisconsin; Wild Turkey over 40 years ago

I have been hearing this argument about the elk reintroduction.  Not really so much an argument as straight out "It will never work."  I may be optimistic and hopeful, but I would love for this to work.  To all of the negative-nancies saying it won't work, I want to bring something to your attention:  

There was once a time in Wisconsin that we did not have wild turkey.  They say the last one was killed in 1881.  So, they may have been as rare as seeing bigfoot.  (I am a little sarcastic)  So finally in 1974, Wisconsin set up a trade agreement with Missouri.  We traded with Missouri ruffled grouse for some of their wild turkey.  This transplanting went on for a few years.  There were a lot of people saying that this reintroduction of turkey would never work but our flock has greatly flourished.  I am not sure what the exact numbers are on turkey these days, but I can say it is a lot!

Now, going back to the elk reintroduction.  Why won't this work?  Elk were once native here.  They can absolutely thrive in Wisconsin.  Yes, predators will take some of them, just as they take some turkey.  But I am hoping for the same outcome for them as the wild turkey.  They have all the resources they need.  I think some people just don't like change or maybe just don't have faith in anything.  I hope these elk prove to us all that they can survive!

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