Why buying American made matters

Did you know that only 2% of clothing that is sold in the United States is actually made here?

Buying American might be something that is overlooked.  As a society we always want to save a penny and buy the cheapest product.  I totally get it.  As a small business owner, I also look for the cheapest options for many things to run my business.  But I have decided that one thing that I will not go cheaper on is American made clothing.  I have worked my tail off designing clothing for my business, Busted Arrow.  The frugal side of me knows that less manufacturing costs equals a higher profit margin.  But then there is the independent, proud voice in my head saying "Oh hell no!  We are keeping money in the USA!"  So here I am taking a stand and keeping manufacturing in America.  There is a considerable cost to do this; I could easily have clothing made overseas for a quarter of manufacturing costs.  I refuse to do this.  Here is why:

  • Keeping money in the USA helps keep the economy growing.  I spend money at the American manufacturing plant, who in turn pays it's employees.  Those employees then can now provide for their families.
  • All of those products made overseas actually do come at a price- the price of American manufacturing jobs.  Again, let's keep the money in America!
  • The manufacturing environment is much cleaner in the United States than other countries.  Many brands produced in other countries use dangerous and polluted processes.  When manufacturing is done in the United States, you can guarantee less pollution.
  • Quality.  Sometimes is isn't about having the cheapest product as much as it is to have the best quality product.
  • I get to work closely with the manufacturer.  It is great to be able to see what is happening at all stages of the manufacturing process.  Any questions or problems can be addressed right away.

There is a great deal of pride that goes into my products.  Not only because I believe in my products, but because I know that keeping manufacturing in the United States is beneficial to many people.  Keeping jobs in America is so important and I will say I would much rather spend money here than anywhere else.  I will always be proud to say Busted Arrow products are MADE IN THE USA!

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